Portrait Enhancements-Editing

For this assignment we were asked to add three more pictures.  The first should have portrait enhancements, the second should have replaced color, and the third should have matched color.  I used Lightroom for the portrait enhancements on Alyssa, including using the spot removal brush feature to remove stray hairs.  I used Photoshop on Abby’s two pictures to replace the color of the pumpkin (I know you’re surprised) and to color match the settings of one photo onto another.  That last tool seems surprisingly more useful than I had originally thought.


Edited photo (especially the hair in the face, that took forever)




Edited photo (if you didn’t gather that from the pumpkin color)


Original photo


Color-match edited photo


Original photo


Color-matched original photo


3 thoughts on “Portrait Enhancements-Editing

  1. Hey grant good job on your shots. I really like how crisp and clean your replace color image is. I am impressed with how vibrant and crisp you were able to make that little pumpkin. Also, I liked how you created a lot of different poses for your subjects it keeps your photography full of good variety!


  2. vguthri says:

    Grant you have such a great eye for composition! You are so creative with your shots and it shows with your work! Be careful when posing to not have the model lower their chin too much. But your work is amazing I always enjoy looking at your blog!


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