Bannack Best

So, this last Friday October 17, 2014, our Digital Imaging class took a field trip to the ghost town of Bannack in Montana.  We left at the crack of pre-dawn (around 7 a.m.) and drove for over two hours.  We had a list of assignments, and I have included each one in a separate post under this one with further details of what we were asked to shoot.  I had an absolute blast on the trip, made several new friends, and stretched my abilities and preferences with photography.  It was definitely a life-changing experience as a learning photographer.

In this post, I included a handful of my favorite non-portrait shots.  As requested, one of them has been edited to black and white, and one to sepia.

GrantStoker-Bannack Best

GrantStoker-Bannack Best-2

GrantStoker-Bannack Best-3

GrantStoker-Bannack Best-4

GrantStoker-Bannack Best-5

GrantStoker-Bannack Best-6


3 thoughts on “Bannack Best

  1. My favorite of this post is the last one, taken at the mill. The mill was such a dark and dreary place and the way to captured and edited the light on the truss made it feel more like a church than an old abandoned mill. Well done my man 🙂 What editing did you do it to get the light that way?


  2. I liked your photograph of the cabin with the mountain range in the background. The settings you have it at for black and white looks aesthetically appealing. I also like the simpleness of the photograph. Good job at following the rule of thirds.


  3. Great window image. I love that light that’s coming through. The images that you captured definitely tell a story. I love your black and white image with the house on the hill. It looks like it could be out of an old film or something! Great work.


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