Bannack Portraits

I have a confession to make.  Two weeks ago, I was a bit of a portrait hater.  I had no intention of ever really taking pictures of people–I always had more fun with abstract photography.  After the couple of portrait shoots I did over the last week or two, and especially after photographing my friends on this trip, I feel like I connected the most with the portrait shots I took.  I couldn’t wait to get home and edit my portraits first, and am excited to show my friends.

It’s weird.

I’m going to break this into segments by model.  We’ll start with my friend Kate because, quite frankly, we hung out the whole trip and I definitely took the most pictures of her.


With speedlight


With speedlight




With speedlight


^This is my favorite portrait and arguably favorite picture of the whole trip.

Now I’ll include an array of portraits including my friends Jared, Lauren and Collette as well as a few of the models they had available for us at Bannack.



I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that Jared is the first boy I’ve taken pictures of.

GrantStoker-Colette Lauren

I actually added a little noise to this.  It makes it feel like an Abercrombie ad or something…which is funny because I don’t shop at Abercrombie.


With reflector


With reflector


With reflector


2 thoughts on “Bannack Portraits

  1. Dang dude you got some pretty solid shots of eyes in this post! That close up of Kate, holy smokes, those eyes are as blue as blue can get and you can see the texture in the iris. So great. You got the catch light in Jared’s eyes. The perspective with the gun is a really fun one too. You really made Lauren and Colette looks great in your Ambercrombie-style photo! That soft light coming in through the window really compliments the photo.


  2. Your shots turned out awesome!! It’s weird to look through a photo blog and see me in it haha but you definitely made me look good with your photography skills! I love the shot of Jared with the cowboy hat, it turned out awesome! You have some interesting composition in your portraits that are great!


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