Flexible Edits

This week we did three main edits on four pictures.  We did one with an adjustment layer, one with a smart filter, and two using dodge (lightening) and burn (darkening).



I shot this creepy little gem in the Spori in one of the office areas on the third floor.  I then used an adjustment layer to make it monochromatic, then masked out the background to keep that mustard-y yellow.  It definitely helped make her less blended into the background.



This shot was snapped at Eagle Park here in Rexburg.  I then went in and selected the tree and applied a smart filter, so I could keep the natural-looking background but pop the tree and birdhouse a little more.



My wife found this little guy on the bank of the river at Eagle Park while we were shooting there.  I got lucky enough to capture a couple of shots before he took off, and I noticed he blended into his surroundings pretty effectively.  So for this shot I burned the frog (not literally) to darken him up.  I also added some saturation with the sponge brush with that as well, and the combination of those brushes really made him pop.  I also used the dodge tool on the leaves to create a little more contrast with the frog against his surroundings.



This was also taken at Eagle Park.  I really like the thick texture of this tree’s bark, but everything was so dark it was hard to settle on a focal point.  I used the dodge tool to lighten the foreground to create a spot the eye would be attracted to as it circles through the photo.  I also burned some of the background branches as well to create a little more contrast between the foreground and background.


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