Framed Fine Art Poster

This is the official photo I decided to use for my framed fine art print.  I took this shot in my living room as part of our Perspective of 12 assignment, and I ended up falling in love with it.  I used an aperture of 4.5, a shutter speed of 500, and a focal length of 33 mm to make sure I got high contrast and good background blur. I shot this around 8 a.m. when the sunrise was flooding into the living room through the sliding glass door.  I used low aperture to capture high contrast between the gold of the mic and the black of the background, and to blow out the background.  In editing, I bumped blacks and shadows down, added contrast, and used dodge/burn to deepen the contrast as well.  I also used a sharpening mask to dig into the texture of the microphone grill.  As soon as I saw the final version, I knew that I definitely wanted to get it printed on canvas.  I can definitely imagine this in a home studio some day.  I printed a 16″x24″ locally, and had to add 1″ of black around the border for the gallery wrap on the canvas.  Overall, I was impressed with the results.



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