Photography Competition Entries

We were asked to, by this week, enter at least one photography competition.  I chose to go the route of online competitions, and have thus far entered two.
The first is the competition themed, “Hello Winter.”  I entered the following two photos:


ISO: 100   Focal Length: 70 mm.   Fstop: 8    Shutter Speed: 1/200


ISO:100    Focal Length: 70 mm.    Fstop: 11    Shutter Speed: 1/400

I chose this first contest because, quite frankly, I figured if I was going to put myself out there I should enter everything I can get my hands on and see what happens.  This was the first on a list of several that I intend to go after within the next day.  For contest/submission rules, feel free to visit

I also entered the Nikon Photo Contest, which operates internationally through December 15th of this year.  I have entered two photos in this contest as well, although one can have up to ten submissions and I intend to use them all.  There are two category options I have utilized so far: the theme, “home”, and an open-theme submission.  I have submitted the following images:


ISO:500    Focal Length: 35 mm.    Fstop: 5.6   Shutter Speed: 1/1000

I submitted this image under the open category.

GrantStoker-Bannack Best-3

ISO: 500   Focal Length: 50 mm.   Fstop: 8    Shutter Speed: 1/2000

I submitted this image under the, “home”, category.

This contest choice was a little more obvious.  Nikon is of course a world-leading photography company, and such a contest has a much larger incentive (although I found out it is in yen, not dollars, which greatly reduced my amazement).  The contest can be accessed through

I’ll update this post as I add more competitions, and if anything ever comes of them I’ll be sure to update the blog here as well!


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