GS Coverpage

Click here for Photobook PDF

This was definitely one of the more time-consuming projects of the semester.  I enjoy that this book looks nothing like what I would have expected at the beginning of the semester.  This class has stretched me and helped me to grow in new directions that I didn’t think I would appreciate.

For this book, the hardest part was definitely doing the layout. Once I knew what photos were going to be included, and I knew what the spread looked like, filling in a design was almost natural.  My greatest hobby is writing and performing music, and with that process it normally goes the same way: either it just falls out of me, or it doesn’t happen.  I normally don’t do gold in my color schemes, but the photographs (especially the condenser microphone shots) seemed to demand it.  It’s kind of crazy to flip from the front (where my favorite work is) to the back and to see the level of growth that has occurred during the semester.  I am nowhere near perfect yet with photography, but I am definitely addicted enough to work on getting there.


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